Programming Approaches

Rights Based Approaches
CARE's work focuses deliberately and explicitly on people's efforts to achieve the minimum conditions for living with dignity. We work for building internal capacity to empower people to claim and exercise their rights and fulfil their responsibilities. We recognize the poor, the displaced and victims of violence as having inherent rights essential to livelihood security - rights that are validated by international law.

CARE-Bangladesh is working to develop competency and build the capacity of others in the deliberate process of influencing those who make policy decisions. Our advocacy efforts will focus on policy makers and policy implementers at levels above that of the household, with the aims of addressing the root causes of poverty and discrimination and of improving the livelihoods of significant numbers of people.

CARE believe that true partnerships are based on a shared vision regarding the objectives and purpose of the work undertaken together, along with shared contributions of resources, shared risks and shared control of program and financial information.

Capacity Building
Capacity building - the process whereby a person's, an organization's or a society's ability to achieve its purposes is enhanced - will go hand-in-hand with partnership in much of CARE's work. Although CARE often plays the role of capacity-builder, it can also be the beneficiary of capacity building provided by partners and other organizations.

Direct/Indirect Service Delivery
CARE Bangladesh will continue to implement direct delivery of services on a limited scale. This will enable us to stay rooted in field experience and avoid getting out of touch with the practical difficulties of bringing new project designs to fruition.

Gender Equity
We will work through advocacy, partnership and direct project implementation to increase awareness of gender inequities, and to change the conditions that create and maintain them in the communities we serve. Gender analysis will be integrated with all phases of the project cycle, ensuring women's participation in identifying and prioritizing problems, in project design and in project implementation. Read more on Gender Equity.

Household Livelihood Security
Application of a "livelihoods" approach enables the programs within each region to identify the inter-relationships between one another, and break down the artificial, sectoral boundaries between the different interventions. In this data-driven approach, monitoring and evaluation systems pay particular attention to programme results at the household level, as well as to unintended impact and the dimension of changes happening over time.

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