Program Goal 1:
The most socially, economically and politically marginalized women are empowered.
Path of change focused on women exercising greater choice in descision affecting their lives; reduced violence against women; and the emergence of strong social movements built on women's solidarity and participation of men.

Program Goal 2:
The most marginalized groups in urban areas have secure and more viable livelihoods and are increasingly treated as equal citizens by the state and society.
Path of change focused on pro-poor (and marginalized), and regionally balanced planning for urbanization; and representation and rightful participation of marginalized groups in society.

Program Goal 3:
People in the "lowest" category of the wellbeing ranking (as assessed by poor rural communities), especially those people trapped in a set of unequal power relations, sustainably overcome the barriers that prevent the fulfillment of their rights.
Path of change focused on reduced exploitation by and/or dependency on others; the creation of spaces for the very poorest to participate in local governance and development processes; access to resources and services.


Organizational Relevance
Most influential in addressing the underlying causes of poverty, more legitimate in the eyes of local civil society, more accountable to communities & more flexible & competitive in a maturing NGO market.

Economic Empowerment
Improved access to dignified employment for the poorest and most marginalized, especially women; markets for their products; information & services for their economic activities; and technical support for their entrepreneurial initiatives.

Learning Culture
A culture that promotes learning, knowledge sharing, and excellence in programming, enabling staff and partners to understand, demonstrate, and measure impact on the underlying causes of poverty and social exclusion.

Programming Principles

  • Promote Empowerment
  • Work with Partners
  • Ensure Accountability & Promote Responsibility
  • Address Discrimination
  • Promote Non-violent Resolution of Conflict
  • Seek Sustainable Result

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