2014: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

21 Jun 2017

Messages of Hope and a virtual press conference with refugees from Syria and Somalia

In June, we commemorate World Refugee Day. While almost three million Syrians have fled their home, two thousand miles away from Syria, almost 400,000 Somali refugees live in a camp called Dadaab in Kenya. Their culture, looks and language might differ, but they all share one sad reality: the loss of their home. CARE hosts  a virtual press conferencewith refugees from Syria in Jordan and Lebanon and refugees from Somalia in Dadaab. They discuss what it means to be a refugee; what it means to grow up in a refugee camp and told people throughout the world about their dreams and hopes. We also produce a short video for World Refugee Day, called “Messages of Hope” . Somali and Syrian refugees are exchanging warm words of encouragement, advice, hope and solidarity. A school teacher in Dadaab, who has been living there for 23 years, sums it up perfectly: “I wish that the celebration of World Refugee Day can come to an end.”

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