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28 March, 2018
We Want a Solution

Sally Austin, Head of Emergency Operations, CARE International writes about her recent visit to the refugee camps in Bangladesh A week ago I was in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh walking up hills of exposed sandy soil covered by endless bamboo and plastic huts that over 800,000 refugees from Myanmar now call home.  This camp has been referred to as one of the densest in the...Read more

06 March, 2018
Humans of Block B

In a series of camps hosting more than 900,000 people, the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar became the site of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis since August last year. Over 680,000 refugees made the perilous journey from neighboring Rakhine State in Myanmar into Bangladesh in just six months. The concentration of refugees is now among the densest in the world. Out of those...Read more

06 March, 2018
The Things Refugee children found in the camps in Bangladesh

They had to leave everything behind, including a bit of their childhood. Some of them were dragged outside their homes as their villages started burning, other ran into the jungle to hide and many of them had to trek for days by themselves, having lost their parents. About 40 per cent of all refugees in Bangladesh’s camps are children. Most of them have three things in common: a traumatized...Read more

30 January, 2018
Story of one Senoara and a CARE Health Center

Story of one Senoara and a CARE Health Center By Hillol Sobhan, Communications and PR Coordinator, CARE Bangladesh I met one melancholic Senoara at the CARE-run health centre in Balukhali makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. She’s 6-month pregnant with her first child. But her face strikingly lacked any sign of happiness. She looked quite stiff and somber. I really wanted to know...Read more

29 October, 2017
Johara – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Johara is 27-years-old. She currently lives with her husband and children in a makeshift shelter in Balukhali camp in Bangladesh. She is from the western part of Myanmar but fled violence. She has three children: Monsur who is five-years-old, Satera who is three-years-old and Sajeta who is ten-months-old. She came to the food distribution to collect cooked rice meals distributed by...Read more

29 October, 2017
Kulsoma – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Kulsoma lives in a makeshift shelter in Unchiprang refugee settlement. Kulsoma is 30-years-old, married and has five children. Her children are: Asma who is nine-years-old, Mukkar who is six-years-old, Shahita who is five-years-old, Toslima who is two-and-a-half-years-old (not present at time of interview) and Omar who is 18-months-old. Kulsoma’s story in her own words “After four...Read more

29 October, 2017
Maimuna – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Miamuna is 18-years-old. She is living in a makeshift shelter in Gumdum informal settlement with her baby daughter (not yet named) and her husband Mohammed. Her mother, Khatiza, aged 40-years-old, is living with them, as well as her siblings, Ali, aged 16-years-old, and Fatema, aged 13-years-old. Maimuna gave birth in the Gumdum informal settlement three days before the interview. It was her...Read more

29 October, 2017
Aloma – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Aloma with her baby Mufija at the OTP (Outpatient Therapeutic Program) clinic in Unchiprang refugee settlement. Aloma is 45-years-old. She brought her one-year-old daughter, Mufija, and nine-year-old daughter, Shumaya, to the health clinic to pick up some food. Aloma and her family are from the northern part of Myanmar. She has seven children, the eldest is 12-years-old. Aloma’s...Read more

29 October, 2017
Mohammed – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Mohammed is from a northern town in Myanmar. He is married to Jannat. As well as their one-year-old daughter, Umme, the couple have three sons aged three, four and five-years. The family fled violence in Myanmar and arrived in Bangladesh. Today, he has brought daughter Umme to the Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP) clinic in Balukhali camp, where the family currently reside in a...Read more

29 October, 2017
Anowara – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Anowara is 35-years-old and is from a village in Myanmar that endured one of the most brutal attacks being reported by arriving refugees to Bangladesh. Anowara has four children: Mohammed is 10-months-old, Jenara is five-years-old, Rupsada is eight-years-old and Dilara is ten-years-old. She now lives with her sister-in-law, Dildar, and all their children, in a makeshift shelter in Balukhali...Read more

29 October, 2017
Hossein – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Hossein is seven years old. He is from Myanmar. He now lives in Balukhali camp in Bangladesh with his mother and siblings. They share a shelter with another single mother family, with a small partition separating the two families. His father was arrested in January on suspicion of espionage and terrorism, but the family claim he was innocent. He collected cooked meals from a CARE distribution for...Read more

23 September, 2017

Your partner is shot right in front of your eyes...he falls down...cries for help BUT you don't stop. You continue to run...run breathlessly...until you're far...far away from your bleeding partner... and you still don't know if your partner is dead or alive.. This is what happened to Ayesha (22) from Myanmar. She was sharing her tales of horror. IT WAS A REGULAR...Read more

01 September, 2017
Born out of Water

"It was water everywhere", recalls a somewhat calm Shahanaj Parvin from Sirajganj. Along with other districts, this year, the floods hit Sirajganj twice. First it was early-July and then again in mid-August. The onrush of water was so abrupt that people hardly got any time to save their belongings, explains Md. Alauddin Khan, Executive Director, National Development Programme, a CARE partner...Read more

25 May, 2017
Firoza : Balancing Family and Business

(Baimail Nadir Par) Firoza, a climate migrant has been living in the Baimail Nadirpar Area for almost 15 years. Before coming to this slum, she used to live with her husband named Sakimuddin at a village under Roumari thana in Kurigram. After her husband had lost his house due to riverbank erosion, they moved to Gazipur and started to live in this community. When she got the livelihood...Read more

25 May, 2017
Parvin : Her success inspiring others

(Poschim Baimail Pukurpar) This is Parvin. She started a different type of business in her community. She cooks food and arranges for lunch in her house. Few garments worker from nearby garments come to her house for lunch. Her customers pay on monthly basis. Each customer pay 2500 taka monthly for lunch. She has been doing this business for 6-7 years. Her husband Anwar had no earning. He...Read more

25 May, 2017
Rumana Begum : Starting new business

(Poschim Baimail Pukurpar) Rumana Begum is a widow. Her husband died 20 years ago. She lived with her daughter. She was dependent on her daughter who is a garments worker. She has been living in this slum for 7 years. When she got fund from BRUP project, she started her lunch business. She prepares lunch and feed people for lunch in her house. Few garments worker from nearby garments come to...Read more

25 May, 2017
Shonchita Khatun (Rina): Running toward Dream

(Baimail Moddho) Shonchita has been living in this slum with her husband for 25 years. She is climate migrant. The lost their home at Moajjempur village in Mymensingh due to flood and riverbank erosion. Thy have three sons. Her husband used to sale vegetables in the big market in moddho baimail. After a conflict had occurred among the sellers regarding place allocation, her husband Abdul Mannan...Read more

30 March, 2015
Sabina Fights Back Against Poverty

When I arrived at Sabina’s house early morning, she was cooking for the family and her husband was seated right beside and helping her to do the household chores and both of them were smiling. This was enough for me to understand how Sabina changed her life and improved her position in the family as this is not a generic scenario in the socio-cultural context of Bangladesh. Yes this is Sabina,...Read more

07 October, 2013
"International Day of the Girls 2013: Stories from CARE Bangladesh - The Strong Voice of Lutfa"

Lutfa, a 17 year old girl in Joykolosh village of south Sunamganj pointed out that girls are not a burden but key to prosperity if they are given the chance they deserve. Since 2010, Lutfa has been a member of the women’s empowerment group known as Empowerment Knowledge and Transformative Action (EKATA) facilitated by the Food Security for the Ultra Poor in Haor (FSUP-H) project. This European...Read more

07 October, 2013
"International Day of the Girls 2013: Stories from CARE Bangladesh - Community moved to the Govt. Primary School"

Dhalkutub Govt. Primary School is situated in a deep haor of Derai sub district. The communication of this place is disrupted from the main land of Derai. During last one year School Management Committee (SMC) and school teachers’ had taken different initiatives for performing their roles and responsibilities assigned by the Govt’ in this recourse constrain remote situation. Sohena Begum is a...Read more

07 October, 2013
"International Day of the Girls 2013: Stories from CARE Bangladesh - Sharmin Akter"

Sharmin Akter is 14 years old. Her father Mr. Abul Hossain was married twice. He has two sons and a daughter from his first wife. Sharmin is the first out of three daughters from second wife. Financial condition is not sound as they live from hand to mouth. Mr. Hossain is a day labor and his wife is a house servant. Sharmin didn’t get opportunity to go any educational institution as she was...Read more

07 October, 2013
"International Day of the Girls 2013: Stories from CARE Bangladesh - Sonali Akhter"

Sonali Akhter is 11 years old, the youngest of her four sisters. Their financial condition was sound and they were well-known as a happy family. Mr. Shaheed Miya, father of Sonali was working in a nongovernment development organization and earned money that was sufficient for them to live. Moreover, another three daughters of Shaheed also worked in garments factory. Suddenly, Mr. Shaheed died of...Read more

06 October, 2013
"International Day of the Girls 2013: Stories from CARE Bangladesh - Salma Begum in Kartikpur School"

Kartikpur is a PCTFI school placed in 15 km from Derai sub district. School had established in 1965 by the villagers. Number of students in 2012 was 341. After starting work with PCTFI, SMC of the school has taken different initiatives for the betterment of the students. SMC is working with community to motivate them about education of their children. In the past before 2011 the dropout rates...Read more

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