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Milk Bar at Rangpur International Trade Fair
January 2, 2010
A fresh drinking-milk sales center 'Mini Milk Bar (Nutrition Center)' has been launched at Rangpur International Trade Fair 2009 on January 2, 2010 by Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain (SDVC) Project of CARE Bangladesh. The initiative has been taken to encourage selling of fresh milk to customers to meet the demand of nutrition as well as to channel fresh milk from small-scale producers to the market so that fair price for them is ensured. CARE-SDVC is providing the technical support to small-scale milk producers for increased production, quality inputs/services and facilitating viable business linkages among various actors within the dairy value chain. The project is also contributing on improved policy framework for the dairy sector and raising awareness on increased milk consumption, especially among children and women. The main slogan of the milk bar is “Drink milk and be healthy”. The target consumers are the children and women who are in the imperative need of nutrition for their physical wellbeing as most of them have deficiency of balanced nutrition. As milk contains most of the daily nutrition facts the project is encouraging people to drink milk everyday.

The launch was destined to fulfill the following objectives:

Ensure availability of quality milk to the consumers to meet the nutritional demand and to promote overall milk consumption

Ensure better price of the milk to the producers

Encourage the producers to increase milk production

The Supply Chain: One of the collectors promoted by SDVC, Md. Khademul, is collecting milk from the producers’ groups facilitated by the project located in Gangadash and Haridebpur village in Rangpur. His usual practice is to packaging the milk after collection and selling at the local markets. Upon launching of the milk bar, Khademul is separating approximately 5-6 liters of milk per day for the milk bar - he filters and boils the milk in his factory located at Panbazar, Rangpur, fills the milk in two vacuum flasks to keep it hot and fresh and transports the milk to the fair through his employee, named Arif.

Preparation and Sales Volume: In the stall Arif sells milk to ultimate consumers. He mixes a bit of Horlicks, to get rid of the smell of milk as some consumers do not like it. The Horlicks idea has been adopted from a fresh milk selling point located at Saidpur. Mostly children under age of 10 and women like the Horlicks-flavored milk.

There are three sizes of cups of milk available at the bar:

Mini cup (contains 65ml of milk and served in a disposable cup) 4.00 taka

Medium cup (contains 140 ml of milk and served in a disposable cup) 7.00 taka

Full cup (contains 220 ml of milk and served in a disposable cup) 10.00 taka

The Mini Milk Bar is selling approximately 5-6 liters of milk everyday and the sales starts from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm to reach maximum number of consumers.

Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain

CARE Rangpur Regional Office

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