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Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain (SDVC) attends the International Dairy Conference
April 7, 2010
CARE Bangladesh recently co-organised the International Dairy Conference that took place in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensigh during April 3 to April 5, 2010. It was the first of its kind in Bangladesh where experts in the dairy sector around the globe attended and contributed by presenting their papers and stimulating discussions. Titled as ‘Dairying for Food Security and Livelihoods Development’, the conference accumulated 59 plenary papers and open papers, each followed by open discussions. The focus areas of the sessions were dairy animal health and production, community organizations and marketing, dairy technology, and waste management, environment and policy issues. Through Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain in Bangladesh (SDVC) project, CARE has facilitated 6 papers out of which 4 were presented as plenary papers. The papers were around the issues of 1) Productivity and profitability in dairy for farmers; 2) Intervention strategies and success factors in strengthening dairy value chain; 3) Social justice, power and uncertainty in dairy sector of Bangladesh; 4) Policy constraints in dairy sector of Bangladesh; 5) Development of dairy sector through DairyNet and 6) Pro-poor investment scenario in the dairy sector of Bangladesh.

The 3 day long conference attracted thousands of people including representatives from private sector companies, government representatives, development organizations, academicians from home and abroad and dairy farmers. In parallel to the sessions a dairy fair was organized at the venue where CARE had a stall for the purpose of information sharing and networking. CARE Bangladesh is also in the core committee for recommendation that is working on a note of recommendation based on the outcome of the conference to share with various stakeholders in the dairy sector including policy makers.

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