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COVAW - Training Workshop for Doorbar Network Members
June 6, 2010
A step Towards Strengthening Solidarity to Combat Gender Based Violence Against Women and Girl Child

Doorbar means indomitable, it is formed in 1996 with the support from Naripokkho to strengthen women’s movement in Bangladesh through the pro-active inclusion and capacity building of marginalised and grassroots women and their organisations. Currently, it is comprised of 538 local organizations representing 64 administrative districts of Bangladesh. Doorbar members are engaged in rendering active support and protection of women and girl child from violence locally.

Highlighting this, a two day planned training workshop was conducted for 16 Doorbar Network members from three COVAW areas namely Dinajpur, Tangail and Shunamgonj. The total workshop was conceptualized to strengthen Doorbar member's capacity on analyzing the root cause of domestic violence and to share CARE-B experience on Gender based violence program, and with this collectively develop a realistic plan of action for influencing public opinion, development practice and policies for achieving zero tolerance to violence against women.

Major topics covered in this workshop were:
• Analysis of gender ideology, norms, behavior and practices that contribute to domestic violence -- a violence tress was drawn and analytical discussion took place to understand the dynamics between empowering women initiative and the importance of engaging men
• Masculinity: Why it is important to understand masculinity and how it is being socially engineered. Interesting discussion took place on how society shows men/boys what to perform, and how men and boys perform to show that they are men. This was followed by use of positive role models in stopping violence against women;
• Draft domestic violence bill: What is it, why it is important, its background and current status. This session also discussed on formal-informal legal support system, Case management guideline and Counseling booklet prepared by Protirodh
• Use of No-harm-technique: This session delved on ethical obligations that some times with out our knowledge we do harm to a family, where we need to be careful.
• An interesting group work held on determining social and economic cost of violence
• Sharing of CARE-B GBV program and the findings

The workshop concluded by developing a collective action plan with a focus on child marriage; dowry; polygamy; and implementation of upcoming domestic violence bill.

This workshop can be seen as a good starting point for solidarity building with a grass root based women-platform, who has membership all over the countries. The joint work is destined to facilitate the work of Doorbar members who have created conditions and opportunities for the effective implementation of VAW related laws, policies, and acts all over the countries.

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