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Designing Behavior Change - Akhoni Shomay (Window of Opportunity)
July 1, 2010
A five day long (from May 30-June 03, 2010) Designing Behavior Change (DBC) Workshop was held at Kishoreganj with participants from different Care Bangladesh’s project. Akhoni Shomay (Window of Opportunity), part of its planned activities, organized this workshop, facilitated by Lenette Golding Communication Advisor, Window of Opportunity, CARE, Atlanta.

Designing Behavior Change (DBC) Workshop was based on Behave Change Curriculum developed by the CORE group, a social and behavioral change working group working in USA. This training focused introduction of appropriate tools and techniques and help staff to plan, implement and monitor and evaluate effective behavior change strategies.

The objectives of the training are to:

1) Build the capacity of staff to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate effective behavior change strategies;
2) Provide an introduction to the tools necessary for identifying key factors that influence behavior change to ensure that behavior change activities are selected based on their potential ability to address these key factors and to effect long-term, sustainable behavior change within the shortest time period possible;
3) Increase levels of comfort with planning behavior change strategies; and

4) Demonstrate the use of learner centered adult education methodologies to model how participants can replicate appropriate sections of the training for their fellow colleagues and partners.

Participants of the workshop:

Along with Akhoni Shomay project staffs, ARSHI, MNH, Education, FSUP, SHUHARDO-II sent their participants to this workshop.

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