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April 20, 2011
Private Sector Engagement, previously known as Economic Development Unit, hosted an international workshop on Leading Inclusive Growth - How to Create Win-Win Partnerships', marked by participation from leading local and foreign private sector companies, NGO and donor agency that are operating in Bangladesh. This unique two day workshop held on April 19-20, 2011 at Spectra Convention Center, Dhaka, brought both the corporate houses and development agencies together. This workshop was organized in association with Business Innovation Facility (BIF). Joanna Pyres and Nazneen Huq from The Partnering Initiative (TPI), a global program of the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), were involved in module development and facilitation with CARE Bangladesh. The content was based on the research, "Sector Based Study on responsible Business Promotion in Bangladesh; Assessing Capacities of Civil Society Organizations and Private Sectors (January 2011)", on responsible business promotion in Bangladesh.
This two day workshop was the continuation of the workshops that took place previously with the participation from both the private sector and the NGOs separately to make them aware of the importance of inclusive businesses and being in partnerships. It helped both the private sector and the NGOs to understand the gap between them and possible ways of partnering through matching expectations.
In this two-day workshop, the participants sat together in groups and shared experiences, through group activities. They enhanced their knowledge on what partnership means, how work it works and how it should be initialized etc.. At the end of the workshop, Private Sector Engagement, CARE Bangladesh, ended up with numbers of possible partnership possibilities with various private sectors. Most importantly, the workshop worked as an ice breaker between the private sectors and the NGO's. Few of them started preliminary dialogue for possible partnership opportunities and finding out the area of common interests where they can work on.
This international workshop is a part of the project 'Responsible Business Promotion in Bangladesh (RBPB)', with funding from United Kingdom Department for International Development - DFID and CARE International UK - CIUK. The overall goal of the project is to research and address the precise needs of national industry and civil society in understanding and implementing responsible business models in Bangladesh and provide training to those stakeholders, resulting in the establishment of partnerships between industry and civil society that benefit the poor as producers, consumers or workers.
The RBPB project is the result of consultation, exchange and learning that has taken place during CARE Bangladesh’s pro-poor private sector engagement program. CARE's efforts have now strategically expanded to cover a wide range of sustainable and impact-ful projects across the country, focusing inclusive supply chains and markets, pro-poor business models, development research, and workforce empowerment.

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