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Representatives from 35 Union Parishads Reflected on the Findings of Self Assessment at a Workshop
December 13, 2011
Participants in a recent workshop expressed that spontaneous participation is very important in self-assessment to reflect on the present context of UP and trigger required action for change. The process is recognized as an effective tool to sensitize the UP representatives in addressing the needs of extremely poor. Newly elected chairmen in the same workshop focused on the importance of local governance institutions’ contribution to poverty reduction. For this, they expect assistance from the Government and development organizations in developing strategic planning. They also mentioned that the national policies and programs need to be convenient to empower Union Parishads so that they can take lead on local development processes. They stressed the need of `upward' and ‘downward’ accountability systems for all development actors including Union Parishad to strengthen local governance processes.

The Learning Sharing Workshop on the findings of Union Parishad's Self Assessment was organized by Local Governance Project on November 29, 2011 at Begum Rokeya Auditorium, RDRS, Rangpur. A total of 114 participants including newly elected and former chairmen of 35 working unions, representatives of community based organizations attended in the workshop. The main objectives of the workshop were to reflect on the learning and findings of the self-assessment exercise by the Union Parishads and engage the newly UP body in the process of formulating a long term development vision with a particular focus on the eradication of extreme poverty.

Hamidur Rahman,Regional Program Support Manager, in his welcome address expressed that self assessment exercise is very critical for participatory governance work as it creates a space for the elected representatives to reflect on the present situation and helps to identify the areas of improvement.

Team Leader Md. Salahuddin introduced the project goal, objectives and main activities to the participants. He also expressed his appreciation to all the ex chairman for taking part of the self assessment process and requests the new chairman to engage with the process as it is a continuous effort.

The Local Governance Project is funded by EC and is implemented by CARE Bangladesh in partnership with SAP Bangladesh and SKS Foundation.

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