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Reunion of MDP Graduates
May 5, 2012
Since 2000 CARE Bangladesh has implemented the Management Development Program (MDP) to foster women’s empowerment in the workplace. Over 100 aspiring female professionals have benefited as a result of this program through managerial insight, jobs or promotions.

Alleviating the discriminatory demarcation between different genders is one of the key contributing factors of a country's development. This also gives rise to the need of women's empowerment in every sector, with a special necessity for females' skill development at today's workplace.

This was voiced at the Management Development Program Reunion of CARE Bangladesh on 12 April 2012 at the Dhaka headquarters. CARE Bangladesh HRD& M organized this event with 49 former graduates attending to share the impact of MDP, assess the program and share success stories of MDP Graduates. It was also graced by CD Nick Southern, ACD's Jamie Terzi & Yasir Deafalla. It was facilitated by Munmun S Chowdhury - Regional HR Business Partner and Fatima Jahan Seema - Impact and Evaluation Coordinator, PQU - CARE B. There were three sessions focusing on - Open forum and experience sharing; Impact Assessment of MDP (Presentation, Group Work) and a presentation on Women Leadership in Asia.

It was aimed to share the impact of MDP on the participants; to assess the program from the point of implementation and to share success stories of MDP graduates.

The participants had positive feedback on the program and have garnered significant milestones in their career. Tandra Chakma, a participant, is working as a Program Manager in a local NGO. She said: "I was so scared to talk to people. But, after MDP, I have gained more confidence and lost my fear. I can even attend various talk shows and seminars and voice my opinions on air". On the same note, Nick southern also added that: "MDP participants have developed great leadership skills - their current positions and achievements all reflect that."

HRD & M of CARE Bangladesh hopes to continue in this Endeavour and encourage more females to pursue their ambition.

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