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Above the Line: CARE Bangladesh's Graduation Experiences with the Extreme Poor
March 30, 2014
The 14th workshop of Extreme Poverty Research Group was held at the BRAC Centre on the 23rd of March. The theme of the workshop was “Graduating the Poorest: Concepts and Methodologies”. Anowarul Haq, Director – Extreme Rural Poverty Program, presented CARE Bangladesh’s concept on graduation using experiences of working in Northwest and Northeast of Bangladesh. The presentation entitled “Above the Line: CARE Bangladesh’s Graduation Experiences with the Extreme Poor” focused on understanding of extreme poverty as powerlessness based on recognition of the ways in which the extreme poor are trapped in a set of unequal power relations and are unable to overcome the barriers that prevent the fulfillment of their needs and rights to achieve secure and sustainable livelihoods. The presentation highlighted evidences of graduation out of extreme poverty using an interlocking approach of social, economic and political empowerment. Evidences were drawn from Social and Economic Transformation of the Ultra-Poor (SETU) and Food Security of the Ultra-Poor –Haor (FSUP-H) projects of CARE Bangladesh.

DrBinayakSen of BIDS, Dr. Joe Devine, Bath University, Prof. Nicholas Mascie-Taylor, Cambridge University, Prof. Margaret Alston, Monash University, Julie Newton and Muzaffar Ahmed, Save the Children and ArifurRahman, DFID presented ideas and challenges on graduation of extreme poverty.

DrBinayakSen in his presentation stressed in three dimensions of poverty to separately in relation to graduation: deprivation, marginality, vulnerability. Joe Devine warned on the graduation criteria, 'the risk is that we focus on too narrow a range of indicators and forget the contextual barriers that keep people in poverty'.

Chaired by Dr. HaseebIrfanullah from Practical Action, an EPRG Panel Member, a high level of participation from shiree Scale and Innovation Fund partners, development practitioners and donors, academic institutions and other experts working with the extreme poor including CLP, BRAC University, UNDP and WFP took place during the workshop.

For the CARE Bangladesh presentation, please click on the following link:

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