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CARE UK and GlaxoSmithKline jointly visits Urban Health Initiatives in Gazipur
September 14, 2015
Laurie Lee, CEO of CARE UK has been in Bangladesh to learn more about our programming and how CARE UK can collaborate more with CARE Bangladesh in the future.
With Ramil Burden, Vice President of GlaxoSmithKline, and other colleagues from CARE UK and CARE Bangladesh, Mr Lee visited CARE’s Urban Health initiatives in Gazipur on 7 September. The teams visited one of the factory’s health corners, which has been strengthened by the Project.
Mr Lee said, “This morning we visited a good initiative for garments workers. It is very helpful for them since they have found changes in their life and management also identified certain percent of benefits due to this initiative.”
Throughout the visit, the team:
• discussed with the health care provider about the availability of services and medicines, illness patterns of workers, and overall health status of the workers
• observed an awareness session on Hepatitis B prevention and personal hygiene that was ongoing at the factory
• had a short discussion with the factory management, who identified positive impacts of the project on both workers and management
• visited one of the community support group’s resource centers, where they took part in the Community Support Group’s (CSG) meeting and interacted with the members about their motivation for forming the group and their various activities for the community’s local people and garments workers. The CSG’s Secretary proposed to the Project and respective visitors to provide guidance and assistance on capacity and skill development of the workers living in their community. The CSG expressed their gratitude to the visitors and CARE staff for supporting their activities.

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