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Exporting SMEs visited SWITCH-Asia JDP workers training in Rangpur
September 20, 2015
Proprietors and CEOs of 9 national-level export-oriented jute diversified product producing SMEs have visited SWITCH-Asia Jute Value chain projects’ JDP workers training venues to make a linkage with them for extending future areas of cooperation on September 8th 2015 at Sadwapuskurani and Chandanpat in Rangpur. Later, they (SME owners) met with a number of the projects’ JDP workers group leaders in a separate linkage development event held on the same day afternoon at Hotel CASPIA Conference Room, where JDP workers displayed their product. Among others a number of regional-level JDP producing SMEs were present in both the events.
The visit to training venues and linkage development event among JDP workers and SMEs was coordinated and presided over by Team Leader of SWITCH Asia Jute Value Chain Project Mr. Mahbub Ullah. He expressed elaborately the overall objective of this cross-visit initiative, fostering the linkage among SMEs and skilled JDP workers for future cooperation on product marketing and export. From project point of view, he reemphasized the project’s role in being a catalyst and fostering relationships in this B2B (Business-to-Business) initiative.
A number of JDP products were purchased by the SME owners to be used as sample that encouraged a lot participating regional SMEs and project beneficiaries.

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