CARE Bangladesh believes that education is imperative to empowerment and development. Experience shows that learning attacks poverty at its roots with educated people making more thoughtful, informed decisions that will positively affect their lives, families and communities. CARE helps children go to ? and stay in ? school, and helps improve educate for all. We pay special attention to girls, by encouraging participation, prevention of child marriage and empowerment of school management communities. CARE Bangladesh's work in Education also includes functional literacy and numeracy trainings to female garment workers in the RMG sector of Bangladesh and sex workers which help them more active in personal decision-making, calculate their wage & overtime. Our education programming is interlinked with our work in Women Empowerment.

We work with individuals, families, teachers, communities, governments, local partners and advocacy groups to create powerful education initiatives that are crucial to fighting poverty. Through our support girls begin to transform their lives as they learn more than simply to read and write: they learn to respect themselves. And their parents change too. Many women formerly believed that girls were best suited for housework and other chores but CARE has collected evidence that this attitude is changing. After witnessing their daughters' newly discovered confidence and abilities, fathers are allowing greater mobility for daughters, and boys have also become advocates for their sisters. The empowerment of girls is truly empowering for entire families. School Management Committees are also included in this process to improve conditions for the most marginalized girls, including those who have traditionally been excluded from participation in formal or non-formal education.

In rural Bangladesh, school drop-out rate is also high among girls. To address this issue, CARE Bangladesh works with girls, their parents and community to educate and raise awareness about the disadvantages of child marriage. CARE Bangladesh is a member of "Girls Not Brides" and "Women Girls Lead Global", global partnerships to end child marriage and enable girls to fulfill their potential.

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