Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition is a priority for CARE Bangladesh's programming. CARE believes that a family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy.

CARE Bangladesh's Health and Nutrition programming welcomes innovative approaches and encourages community led approaches to promote long-lasting development. To reduce maternal & infant mortality and improve maternal & child health, CARE Bangladesh works directly with women and communities, empowering them with resources and information while affecting policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are a basic human right. We also train community health workers, equip local clinics, carry out educational campaigns, respond to disease outbreaks ? and more. Our work is not limited to improve maternal and child/infant health, we also work with school children, mother groups and school committees to promote sanitation & hygiene practices. CARE Bangladesh also works with cross border mobile population vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and advocates for healthcare facilities for HIV/AIDS positive people.

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