Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition is a priority for CARE Bangladesh's programming. CARE believes that a family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy.

CARE Bangladesh's Health and Nutrition programming welcomes innovative approaches and encourages community led approaches to promote long-lasting development. To reduce maternal & infant mortality and improve maternal & child health, CARE Bangladesh works directly with women and communities, empowering them with resources and information while affecting policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are a basic human right. We also train community health workers, equip local clinics, carry out educational campaigns, respond to disease outbreaks ? and more. Our work is not limited to improve maternal and child/infant health, we also work with school children, mother groups and school committees to promote sanitation & hygiene practices. CARE Bangladesh also works with cross border mobile population vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and advocates for healthcare facilities for HIV/AIDS positive people.

Publication Date Publication Title Details
Apr 30, 2015 Understanding the Motivational Factors of Performing Voluntary Services of HN&FS project: A qualitative analysis “ View Details
Apr 30, 2015 Training (OJT) Guideline For Frontline Health and Family Planning Supervisors View Details
Apr 30, 2015 Report on Integrated model of service delivery and community mobilization to ensure IFA consumption during pregnancy according to national guideline in Satkhira, Bangladesh Case View Details
Apr 29, 2015 HN&FS Project Update View Details
Apr 29, 2015 IAHBI Project Update View Details
Feb 22, 2015 CGCHWI Newsletter- Edition 5 View Details
Oct 16, 2014 Bangladeshi Sailor's Vulnerability to HIV and AIDS View Details
Oct 16, 2014 Journeys: Experiences of Nepalese and Bangladeshi cross border migrants living with HIV View Details
Sep 3, 2014 ~EMPHASIS_Endline_Report_Final View Details
Aug 27, 2014 HIV on all Fronts: reducing vulnerability by targeting migrants, their spouses, and families in source and destination countries View Details
Aug 27, 2014 An integrated approach to address mobile people’s vulnerability to HIV and migration: EMPHASIS experience in a nutshell View Details
Aug 27, 2014 The effects of an HIV and AIDS project on migrants at source and destination sites in Nepal, Bangladesh and India: findings from a quasi-experimental study View Details
Aug 27, 2014 Migration, Health and Dignity in South Asia Lessons from the EMPHASIS project on migration, women’s empowerment and HIV in Bangladesh, India and Nepal View Details
Aug 18, 2013 EMPHASIS Project Briefing; July 2013 View Details
Jun 23, 2013 EMPHASIS Project Briefing; June 2013 View Details
Mar 25, 2013 The Impact of CARE’s SHOUHARDO Project on Child Stunting in Bangladesh View Details
Feb 13, 2013 EMPHASIS Project Briefing; January 2012 View Details
Aug 7, 2012 Hunger, Subsidies and Process Facilitation: Challenges for Community Led Total Sanitation in Bangladesh by Anowarul Haq and Brigitta Bode View Details
Aug 7, 2012 Community-Led Total Sanitation and its successors in Bangladesh; CASE 3: CARE‟S NIJEDER JANYIA NIJERA Project View Details
Jan 22, 2012 HN&FS Project Information Booklet View Details
Dec 12, 2011 Background note 1, population mobility & HIV AIDS between India, Bangladesh and Nepal View Details
Dec 12, 2011 Background note 2, vulnerabilities of movement Cross Border mobility between India, Nepal and Bangladesh View Details
Dec 12, 2011 Vulnerability to HIV & AIDS, A social Research on Cross Border Mobile Population from Bangladesh to India View Details
Feb 7, 2010 Thematic Study on Heath, Hygiene & Nutritional Approaches & Systems - SHOUHARDO, CARE B View Details
Mar 1, 2007 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS In Monohardi and Raipura upazilas, Narshingdi district View Details
Sep 28, 2005 The effect of addressing demand for as well as supply of emergency obstetric care in Dinajpur, Bangladesh View Details
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