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Many of the causes of extreme poverty, vulnerability and injustice, and ways to address these problems are policy-related. Influencing policies and norms at global, regional, national and local levels is thus critical to achieve sustained change in the conditions of the communities we work with. Advocacy is a key aspect of CARE's humanitarian and development efforts, addressing not only the immediate needs of the poor, but also the root causes of poverty and obstacles to its elimination. CARE's presence and experience in impoverished communities uniquely places CARE Bangladesh staff in a position to help communities and grass-root movements, often not having a voice, to connect with local decision makers and to support people claiming their basic human rights. Yet, for long lasting change, support is needed at national and even international levels. Through our global reach, we influence the national and international policies that affect the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities around the world. We at CARE Bangladesh believe that broader and deeper impact can be achieved by mobilizing people and ideas and through our strong capacity for local-to-global advocacy.

Additionally- CARE International Secretariat carries out its policy and advocacy work through its international advocacy coordination and representation offices in Geneva, New York and Brussels. We are well positioned to work with governments, United Nations institutions, the European Union and other multilateral organizations and stakeholder processes to actively promote change. In conjunction with CARE member and country offices, the CARE International Secretariat staff works to promote collaborative and mutually supportive efforts across the globe.

Our advocacy messages are grounded in CARE's longstanding and in-depth work in the field. With a strong focus on gender equality and women's empowerment, CARE is an advocate for vulnerable communities - from peace and security issues to climate change. CARE promotes global responsibility and action for the poorest and most marginalized. CARE's advocacy activities include participation in national decision-making and in multilateral agreements, processes and institutions to give voice to the communities where we work with.

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