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06 March, 2018
The Things Refugee children found in the camps in Bangladesh

They had to leave everything behind, including a bit of their childhood. Some of them were dragged outside their homes as their villages started burning, other ran into the jungle to hide and many of them had to trek for days by themselves, having lost their parents. About 40 per cent of all refugees in Bangladesh’s camps are children. Most of them have three things in common: a traumatized...Read more

06 March, 2018
Humans of Block B

In a series of camps hosting more than 900,000 people, the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar became the site of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis since August last year. Over 680,000 refugees made the perilous journey from neighboring Rakhine State in Myanmar into Bangladesh in just six months. The concentration of refugees is now among the densest in the world. Out of those...Read more

23 September, 2017

Your partner is shot right in front of your eyes...he falls down...cries for help BUT you don't stop. You continue to run...run breathlessly...until you're far...far away from your bleeding partner... and you still don't know if your partner is dead or alive.. This is what happened to Ayesha (22) from Myanmar. She was sharing her tales of horror. IT WAS A REGULAR...Read more

29 October, 2017
Kulsoma – Myanmar refugee in Bangladesh

Kulsoma lives in a makeshift shelter in Unchiprang refugee settlement. Kulsoma is 30-years-old, married and has five children. Her children are: Asma who is nine-years-old, Mukkar who is six-years-old, Shahita who is five-years-old, Toslima who is two-and-a-half-years-old (not present at time of interview) and Omar who is 18-months-old. Kulsoma’s story in her own words “After four...Read more

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