A career at CARE Bangladesh is truly one-of-a-kind experience. It's more than working for a national and global leader; it's an opportunity to be a part of something that can help bring about lasting change in the world. We're looking for experienced professionals who not only align with our values, but also want to make a difference, develop and inspire others, drive innovative ideas and deliver results.

CARE Bangladesh is one of the country's leading international humanitarian agencies working to help people achieve social and economic well being while being among the best in their fields. Our global presence and commitment to ending poverty make CARE an exciting and rewarding place to work. CARE's worldwide team uniquely applies their skill, knowledge and dedication to empower people in developing countries to bring lasting change to their own communities.


CARE encourages applications from female candidates and is committed to investing in the professional development of women staff. CARE seeks to build on the potential of women staff to take leadership positions and be role models. CARE has specific policies for a gender friendly working environment, including "zero-tolerance" on sexual harassment. Women employees are entitled to maternity leave, child care allowance and reimbursement of some medical costs. CARE has a day care facility at its headquarters and similar arrangements may be considered at field offices depending on needs. CARE covers transport costs and for a child attendant during field trips. Flexible leave and travel arrangements for women staff is an additional benefit.


CARE employs 12,000 people worldwide. At CARE, employees are as diverse as the people we serve. Our employees can be found across the globe and Bangladesh. At CARE we know that recruiting and retaining a talented and diverse workforce is critical to achieving our mission of ending global poverty. CARE defines "diversity" beyond the regular classifications of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability, and includes diversity of perspectives that uphold CARE's core values. Our goal is to create and maintain a work environment that promotes diversity in everything we do.

Why Is Diversity Important to Our Vision?

Understanding and appreciating the value of diversity and gender equity is how we approach our work. Our vision of a world of "hope, tolerance and social justice" challenges the organization not only to combat discrimination in all its forms, but also to harness the value that diverse perspectives bring to the work that we do. Realizing our vision and upholding our mission and core values, requires us to apply standards to our organizational behavior that support and reaffirm the equal dignity and rights of all.

CARE's Business Rationale for Diversity

  • To enhance and advance our humanitarian work, we need a variety of perspectives to inform relevant and responsible choices about program design, management and implementation;
  • To increase capacity within communities in which CARE works, we need to build collaborative relationships and partnerships among a variety of people;
  • CARE's mission calls for affirming the dignity and worth of all people;
  • Our differences in knowledge, approach and perspective are the source and spring of innovation and learning, which CARE's successful future depends on; and
  • At CARE, we believe that promoting diversity is the right thing to do and that it upholds CARE's core values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Excellence

CARE's Framework for Action

In order to maintain a diverse work environment, CARE has undertaken analysis and developed action plans to advance these leverage areas.

Representation- building diversity at all levels throughout the organization, and ensuring that staff has an opportunity to contribute to decision-making, including both strategic and operational issues;

Facilitating an Environment of Trust by Effectively Managing Change Change - maintaining an environment where staff feel trusted, authorized to contribute fully to CARE and valued for who they are and what they do; and

Learning About Diversity - building the capacity of staff and the organization to learn, and to use this learning for advancing diversity and organizational effectiveness.

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