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CARE Bangladesh and Gazipur City Corporation inaugurate Wellbeing Center in Gazipur


Gazipur District Civil Surgeon Dr Md. Khairuzzaman speaks in the event

"CARE Wellbeing Centres in Bangladesh can play an effective role in urban health as a healthcare provider for marginalised people," said Dr Md. Khairuzzaman.

April 19, 2022, Gazipur, Bangladesh: Gazipur District Civil Surgeon Dr Md. Khairuzzaman made the above remarks as the Chief Guest while inaugurating the Wellbeing Centre established through CARE Bangladesh's Urban Health Unit at Gazipur. It is to be noted that CARE Bangladesh's Urban Health Unit has been working closely with Gazipur City Corporation and Health & Family Planning Department to strengthen health and nutrition services in the Gazipur metropolis for a long time. As part of this, 10 Wellbeing Telemedicine Centres have been set up in selected 10 wards of the Gazipur metropolis to make healthcare accessible to the working and marginalised population at convenient times.

Today, its activities officially started with the inauguration of the South Salna Wellbeing Center in Ward-19. At the inauguration ceremony, the District Civil Surgeon further mentioned, “The telemedicine service through the Wellbeing Centres will benefit people working in garments. Most of them neglect treatment because they need to take a day off to go to the doctor, which in some cases makes the person seriously ill. Proper implementation of telemedicine services will strengthen the urban healthcare system.”

Mr Laju Shamsad Haque, Deputy Director, Gazipur Family Planning Office, was also present as a special guest. While giving his speech, he said, “the population of Gazipur is much more than the city’s health services capacity. Most of the people living here are working marginalised people. As a health support program, these Wellbeing Centres will play a significant role in providing health care to the city’s marginalised people.”

Md. Firoz Al Mamun, Regional Officer, Zone-4, Gazipur City Corporation, also spoke on the occasion. He said, “Telemedicine services have become very important in the healthcare system of Bangladesh after the outbreak of COVID-19. The telemedicine service is a timely initiative with healthcare support activities for marginalised people.”

Also present at the inauguration ceremony from CARE Bangladesh were Dr Md. Ikhtiar Uddin Khandaker, Director-Health Unit, Mohammad Hafizul Islam, Senior Technical Coordinator, and Monisha Mafruha, Technical Coordinator, and other Project Officers. Mr Tanvir Ahmed, Councilor Ward-19, presided over the inaugural function and delivered the welcome speech. He mentioned the continuous efforts of CARE Bangladesh to improve the health of the urban population. It is to be noted that the remaining wellbeing centres will be inaugurated in their respective wards accordingly.

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