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Factory Vaccination Initiative for Factory Workers is a precise, economic-friendly and best decision of the Government of Bangladesh


Dr. Md. Khairuzzaman, Civil Surgeon, Gazipur delivering his speech in the vaccination inauguration event

Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora, Additional Director General (Planning and Development), DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, made the above remarks as the Chief Guest after inaugurating and inspecting the COVID-19 Vaccination Program at Executive Greentex Limited Factory, Gazipur. The inspection was organized by the Civil Surgeon's Office in Gazipur with the support of Marks & Spencer and CARE Bangladesh. She further said, “The progress of the Gazipur vaccination program among the factories across the country is highly commendable. The cooperation of the factory owners for this success is noteworthy.” She also lauded the role of the District Civil Surgeon's Office, CARE Bangladesh and other development partners in this endeavor.

It should be mentioned that Gazipur is the largest and busiest industrial area in the country and many garment manufacturers are located here. It is the largest center for export-oriented garments, where a large number of workers work and live. Readymade garments (RMG) sectors are currently the largest source of foreign revenue in Bangladesh. Continuing production activities uninterruptedly is the first priority of this sector. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the sector faced many hurdles to maintain its continuity. On the other hand, it is difficult for workers to take the COVID-19 vaccine during the day due to the highly busy schedule in the factories. Considering the situation, the Bangladesh government has taken the initiative to vaccinate the factory workers. The globally reputed buyer Marks & Spencer and the development organization CARE Bangladesh came forward with the necessary support & facilitation in this initiative. The vaccination program is being conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Health and Gazipur Civil Surgeon's Office.

Prior to the vaccination programs in the factories, the Civil Surgeon office, Gazipur also organized and CARE Bangladesh facilitated 2 trainings on COVID-19 vaccination on 21 and 25 November 2021 at Bangataj Auditorium, Gazipur. The training was conducted for the factory manager, doctors, nurses and paramedics from 99 garment factories of Gazipur. The main objective of the training was to develop the capacities of factories’ health care personnel to operate COVID-19 vaccination camp effectively and safely. A total of 528 health workers were trained (Male 245, Female 283). As an aftermath, in November 9 M&S (Marks and Spencer) factories have been supported through facilitation of CARE Bangladesh for the vaccination of the factory workers.

Speaking as the special guest, Dr Md. Khairuzzaman, Civil Surgeon, Gazipur said, "We are making efforts to bring all the citizens under vaccination while maintaining quality standards. That is why we expect the cooperation of all sectors.” Also speaking on the occasion was Dr SM Mostafizur Rahman, Line Director, National Nutrition Services, Dr Md. Belal Hossain, Director, Dhaka Division, Department of Health, Md. Shahadat Hossain, Director (Operations), Executive Greentex Ltd., and Dr. Ikhtiar Uddin Khandaker, Director, Health Unit, CARE Bangladesh.

Among others present at the immunization program were Mohammad Hafijul Islam, Senior Technical Coordinator (Team Lead), Urban Health, CARE Bangladesh, SM Rashed Mahmud, Social Compliance Manager, Marks & Spencer Ltd., Farhana Rahman, Nutritionist, UNICEF, Dr. Lee Shanta Mondol, Surveillance Medical Officer, World Health Organization, and Monisha Mafruha, Technical Coordinator, Urban Health, CARE Bangladesh. Several electronic and print media representatives also cover the event news.


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