28 Jul 2017

Sustainable Linkages: PSNP ready to adopt GRAD lessons

CARE works with governments to scale our models and approaches nationwide in a way that NGOs cannot do alone. One recent example is in Ethiopia, where we implement GRAD, a program that helps families on government assistance find sustainable paths out of poverty. GRAD’s biggest opportunity...Read More
21 Mar 2016

How Changing the Way Pigs Sleep helps Moms in Vietnam Sleep Better

It seems like a simple change, but it has a big impact.  Put pigs in a smaller pen with different material to sleep on, and you can reduce emissions, increase a family’s income by 50%, and empower women. Don’t believe us? Check out Son Thi So Da’s story in...Read More
12 May 2014

No Harrassment is Tolerated

Sovanna went from a life where she felt constantly at risk of sexual harrassment at work, and on the precarious edge of stability, to feeling safe, educating her peers, and saving to open her own coffee shop.  Find out how it happen CARE has spent many years working to improve the situation...Read More
9 Sep 2016

Leading the Charge: Supporting Powerful Women in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change

Earlier this week, the US showed that it’s ready to help lead in the fight against climate change, making its first contribution of $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. And it couldn’t have happened on a better day: International Women’s Day. Climate change is a threat to us...Read More
2 Nov 2016

Nama's story: Homeless in your own home

Despite the constant bombings, fighting, hunger and other difficulties most Yemenis continue to stay on in their homeland. Just over 170,000 of the estimated 22 million in dire humanitarian situation have fled to neighbouring countries. The vast majority stay on in their towns and villages, or have...Read More
6 Sep 2017

Displacement, Dislocation and Disintegration - PART1

The people of the Lake Chad Basin are grappling with one of Africa’s biggest humanitarian crises. Caused by the ravages of violent conflict, extreme poverty, underdevelopment and climate change, the crisis is affecting more than 17 million people across north eastern Nigeria, Cameroon’s...Read More
6 Sep 2017

Displacement, Dislocation and Disintegration - PART2

"The insurgents came to our village on a Monday, at around 8am. We left only with our lives. They chased us to the river and we hid for three days in the long grass until we knew they had gone. My second born was just eight days old. To get him across the river we tied old petrol cans together...Read More
6 Sep 2017

Displacement, Dislocation and Disintegration - PART3

"The insurgents killed our neighbours, they killed our livestock, they stole all our belongings. My family and I came here two years ago but I cannot find work and we depend on others in our community for food, for clothes, for money to buy some rice. We will go back when it is safe. I was a...Read More
6 Sep 2017

Displacement, Dislocation and Disintegration - PART4

"We left our village in a hurry, and we kept moving for four years – nowhere was safe. We have been here for one year and we have security but many in my family have died and I am now caring for ten children. We do not have enough to eat. I collect firewood for sale but it’s not...Read More
18 Apr 2017

Famine is stalking the globe and America urgently needs to lead

It turns the human body against itself, causing all movement to grow painful as muscles freeze up and skin cracks. It has been used as a form of torture. Its effects on children, in particular, are gut-wrenching. They die a prolonged, painful death. You might think I’m talking about the...Read More
21 Jun 2017

2014: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

Messages of Hope and a virtual press conference with refugees from Syria and Somalia In June, we commemorate World Refugee Day. While almost three million Syrians have fled their home, two thousand miles away from Syria, almost 400,000 Somali refugees live in a camp called Dadaab in Kenya. Their...Read More
13 Sep 2017

Mozambique: Week 4

My fourth week in Mozambique was spent in the northern part of the country.We visited with financial services businesses, NGOs and VSLA groups in and around the towns of Pemba and Nampula which lie in the provinces of Cabo Delgado and Nampula respectively. A relatively large and stretched out...Read More
3 Sep 2017

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

A second chance.  A chance to re-do something.  It’s something I think about on an almost daily basis, whether it is a second chance at a first impression, or a second chance at giving the best response in a meeting.  When I was a kid, I often longed for a second chance at...Read More
8 Sep 2017

Sleepless Nights in Yemen

Driving through the streets of Yemen’s capital of Sanaa, my heart is heavy and burdened. It was my first time returning to Yemen since the airstrikes began in March, and it is not the same country. It is now a war zone. Before I could even leave the airport, a car with security staff had to...Read More
20 Sep 2017

Syrian Refugee Crisis: "Perhaps the problem in Syria is more temporary than ours. I hope so."

"There were about 500 people stranded at the border with some waiting for over 20 days ... I lived and slept in the street for a week while waiting to cross as accommodation was too expensive," he says. This was the second time he”s come to Jordan. The first time, months back, he...Read More
17 Aug 2017

We want to spread positive thinking

You have been working with refugee children in Azraq Camp over the past months. What has your experience with them been?   Syrian refugee children show their feelings through the way they act. Some of them are quiet; others are angry and aggressive. This is a result of the displacement...Read More
13 Sep 2017

How do you create a future for less than a penny?

How does a family go from hopelessness to a bright future? With a grant worth slightly less than a penny, a training, and a whole lot of hard work.  Don’t buy it?  Just ask Aliyi—a farmer in Ethiopia. Even in a good year, Aliyi Mumed could only grow enough grain to feed his...Read More
13 Jun 2017

Mali Food Crisis Blog #3: Visiting Swala

Mali, a country in the Sahel. The Sahel, or Sahil in Arabic, is the border between the Sahara and more fertile and green lands. It is a dividing zone, a mixture of cultures, odours, tastes. Here in Mali, the number of ethnic groups and tribes are too numerous to be counted. Here, they talk to me...Read More
30 Jul 2014

Syria Crisis: No Time for Humanitarian Paralysis in the Face of Syrian Suffering

AMMAN—(January 19, 2017)-  The overwhelming scale, complexity and duration of the Syrian humanitarian catastrophe must not be allowed to frustrate efforts to reach everyone with the relief they need to survive and live with dignity. Nor is there any time to lose in strengthening the...Read More
23 Aug 2017


Since the creation of the Dadaab refugee camps in 1991, CARE has provided assistance to the refugee population in addition to supporting host communities around the camps. The camps were originally built to hold only 90,000 people, but have grown over the years to nearly five times the intended...Read More
14 Sep 2017


ABOUT THE CRISIS IN SOUTH SUDAN South Sudan has been a country in turmoil for a long time. In 1983, after a decade-long pause in the country's long civil war between the north and south, conflict broke out again. It wasn't until early 2005 - after more than 1.5 million people had died -...Read More
25 May 2017


Five Years After the Earthquake CARE is now in the fifth year of a five-year, $100 million plan to help Haitians rebuild their lives and communities. We focus on women because their empowerment serves as a catalyst for overall beneficial change in the communities where they...Read More
2 Mar 2017


What's Happening with El Niño? Extreme weather from the most severe El Niño on record already has affected millions of people around the world. From drought and cyclones to flooding and forest fires, its effects destroy crops and livelihoods, threaten water supplies and levy...Read More
19 Dec 2017

Supporting Social Enterprise in Bangladesh Through CARE Living Blue

The National Museum of Women in the Arts unveiled handmade Living Blue scarves yesterday at its renowned Museum Shop in time for the holidays with a reception celebrating the CARE LIVING BLUE project of women artisans from Bangladesh, demonstrating how art made by women can be a...Read More
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