Dr. Muhammad Musa returns to CARE as the Regional Director for Asia

Dr. Musa delivered an insightful speech in his welcome meet-up.
25 October, 2021

CARE Bangladesh is proud to welcome back Dr. Muhammad Musa as the Regional Director for Asia. Colleagues in the CARE Bangladesh Dhaka office cordially welcomed him in the Conference Room with the virtual presence of other colleagues from all over the country. Ramesh Singh, Country Director of CARE Bangladesh, expressed his pleasure and mentioned the opportunity to work with Dr. Musa will create greater scopes for the country office in line with the Vision 2030.

Dr. Musa thanked everyone for this warm gesture and shared excerpts and learning from his long years of experience with CARE and other organizations. He mentioned that CARE is one of the organizations that works at the forefront of national development in Bangladesh, alongside organizations including BRAC, Save the Children, Oxfam and others. “We are currently in a juncture of time where we have come a long way building on the foundations laid decades ago, and in this unprecedented times of COVID-19 pandemic, we have to plan and act carefully to address all possibilities”, he remarked.

Youth are the next generation of building the nation. “The youth in Bangladesh is full of energy and drive, which must be properly utilized as move forward. We must strive to create a situation where our work adds value, creates relevance, and is essential and critical. The situation of the open market economy is influencing all the sectors, including digital technology and development. Much of our future depends on how we act now and build from this day onwards. We need to shape the mindset of the young generation so that they become equipped enough both in terms of talent and intellect so that they can contribute fruitfully to the world that is to come. Hence, organizations such as CARE and others in the development sector are more important than ever. We must also adapt to the technological advancements in this process because the learning patterns have changed. People can now fetch information right from the devices in their hands. Therefore, our way of disseminating information needs to be appropriate in terms of time, technology, and media.”, he expressed.

Dr. Musa also stressed on the issue of providing scopes and opportunities for the youth so that their innovative ideas can be helpful for the bettering the future. In order to do so, it is important that the ever-growing youth population receives mental support, access to resources and links to valuable connections aside from vocational and skills trainings.

“Youth needs to be supported with financial opportunities and ways to create meaningful connections to build their network. Peers and organizations from different sectors like financial support and development can play a critical role in allowing them to see strong possibilities so that they can grow and flourish”, he added. 

In his closing remark, he shared his view on the issue of climate change by saying, “Humanitarian crisis – both the frequency and complexity of humanitarian crises will only increase in this world. It can be natural disasters or man-made disasters. We need to move ahead with speed and flexibility with empathy so our impact can be long lasting and effective.”

Photo Credit: Asafuzzaman Captain

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