Women, girls and youth are playing a vital role for the successful implementation of WASH activities in South-West and North-East regions in Bangladesh

The backdrop of the learning-sharing session
30 December, 2021

The women, girls and youth are playing a vital role in achieving the milestone of Open Defecation Free (ODF) status and Water Safe Community (WSC) status in the communities including hygiene practice within the 19 unions under the 5 districts of Khulna and Rangpur divisions. GoB-UNICEF ASWA-II project staff showcased these achievements through interactive presentations in the ‘All Staff Learning and Reflection Workshop’ held on 28-29 December 2021 at Shyamnagar, Satkhira. A.N.M Kaiser Zillany, Team Leader of ASWA-II project inaugurated the meeting. Project Managers and Technical Coordinators facilitated the following sessions. A total of 37 ASWA-II project staff participated in the event and identified significant best practices and qualitative behavioral changes among the project participants. 


The learnings are listed below –

  1. Community people/households are-  

    • Giving importance and taking responsibility for operation and maintenance of their basic latrines and water options

    • Investing to set-up climate resilient toilets to stay protected from cyclones and flash floods

    • Installing disabled people-friendly toilets for their physically disabled family members

    • Following safe water handling processes during collection of drinking water

    • Frequently washing hands and maintaining health-hygiene

  2. Local sanitation entrepreneurs are selling latrine materials to the community people on installment basis.

  3. Menstrual Hygiene Management activities in schools resulted in leadership development among the girl students to break traditional taboos and myths, e.g. they are using hygienic sanitary napkin during menstruation and talk to their parents about this issue.

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