Annual nutrition plan launched in Sunamganj

Annual nutrition plan launched in Sunamganj
17 December, 2019

With the participation from stakeholders including government officials from different government offices across different corners of the district, Planning Minister M A Mannan MP formally launched district nutrition plan today in Sunamaganj. He was present as chief guest in the formal launching of annual nutrition plan, entitled, ‘Participatory Multi-Sectoral District Annual Nutrition Plan (PMANAP' where representatives from different government and non-government actors in nutrition were present.

“District Annual Nutrition Plan” is one of the key activity of the DNCC, as per approved ToR and Operational Guideline for the sub national level platforms developed by Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC). This is for the first time in Bangladesh, a bottom-up nutrition plan is developed in Sunamganj based on local demand and context. With the facilitation of Collective Impact for Nutrition (CI4N) of CARE Bangladesh; Sunamganj District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC) developed annual nutrition plan while amalgamating local plans. “Food security situation has been improved in the country though people from disadvantaged community, particularly women suffer from nutrition deficiency,” Planning Minister M A Mannan said in the meeting.

He was speaking at the launch event of ‘Participatory Multi-Sectoral District Annual Nutrition Plan 2019-20' supported by Collective Impact for Nutrition (CI4N) of CARE Bangladesh and District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC) of Sunamganjat FIVDV training center in the district.

MA Mannan announced increased allocation for improvement of water and sanitation situation to combat malnutrition in the haor region, said a press release of Care Bangladesh.

“Improving water and sanitation situation is critical in the haor region to combat challenges related to health and nutrition,” said the minister. He also urged elected representatives and officials to implement nutrition plan authentically. “Sunamganj could be a model to combat malnutrition in the country,” he added. Ikhtiar Uddin Khandaker, Health Program Director of CARE Bangladesh emphasized multi-sectoral approach to develop nutrition-boosting frameworks at local level.

“Nutrition is now a triple burden in Bangladesh that includes undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity which invites actions at different level and different stages while involving different stakeholders. Therefore, multi-sectoral approaches led by government will be promoted in developing plans at the district and local level” he said.Director General of Bangladesh National Nutrition Council Dr. Md Shah Nawaz, Director of Institute of Public Health Nutrition Dr. Md Khalilur Rahman also spoke at the programme. Sunamganj Deputy Commissioner (DC) and president of DNCC Mohammad Abdul Ahad presided over the launch event.

Launching of annual nutrition plan for Sunamganj is particularly significant because National Plan of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025 which aims to achieve “nutrition for all” by fostering inter-sectoral coordination has been adopted.

Earlier, nutrition committees were activated in Bishwamvarpur, Chhatak, Dakkin Sunamganj, Derai, Dharmapasha, Dowarabazar, Jagannathpur, Jamalganj, Sullah, SunamganjSadar and Tahirpur Upazila and members of the committees developed local plans.

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