More than just Facebook classes

Zannatul's education continues during the pandemic, thanks to JANO's effort of online class
24 January, 2021

"I am Most. Zannatul Mowa, a student of class 8 at the Gangachara Government Model High School. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, our schools were closed for few months. It was really difficult to learn on my own without any support from a mentor, and I was losing my confidence. I feared that I would not be able to study again. Amidst this challenging situation, Joint Action for Nutrition Outcome (JANO) project introduced “Facebook class initiative” which I think is a lifesaver for girls like me. I started to attend the English class of Segufta Nasreen Madam, and Math class of Rangad Chandra Barman. Both of these teachers have helped me a lot to learn the various complex topics of my text book. I started to feel confident again. With the initiative from JANO project, many of the girls in our community are getting the opportunity to continue their study which will help us to build a better future ahead. Besides our regular course topics; I have also learned how we can make ourselves safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, I am regularly counseling people in my community on how to keep themselves and the society safe from this pandemic, as a result no one in our community is infected so far. For all of my initiatives, the community members respect me and value my work which is a BIG thing!"

Most. Zannatul Mowa Class 8, Gangachara Government Model High School Gangachara, Rangpur

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