Indomitable people of Cox’s Bazar secure their own future with cash-for-work initiative

Women engaged in cash-for-work activity to repair the pathway
19 August, 2021

The road for regular commute in Uzantia Union Parishad no. 8, under Pekua sub-district in the project site was severely damaged by the frequently occurring natural disasters such as cyclone and tidal surge. For a long time, this road could not be built given financial constraints. However, given CARE Bangladesh’s commitment to serve the hardest to reach communities, this long overlooked pathway received the attention it needed. By engaging the local community under cash-for-work intervention, the locals were able to mend their own infrastructure. The project also extended this initiative to involve women in the work force so that women and marginalized community were also able to be a part of the repair work. This very interlink now makes daily commute easier for the locals, especially the women who are grateful to CARE Bangladesh.  Access to local market, community clinic and multi-purpose cyclone shelter has become much easier now.

Inclusiveness was also one of the key aspects of the initiative towards ensuring justified and equitable reach to all, more so, in times of crises. Nurul Kabir, from Ramu, Cox’s Bazar, is physically challenged and is unable to adequately support his family of five (three daughters, one son and wife). In pre-pandemic times, he was able to support his family by renting out his auto-rickshaw. However, given the pandemic and the intermittent lockdown, his income drastically declined leading the family into the verge of starvation. Regardless of the government relief provided, his continued to struggle with family often with no food.

Under such trying circumstances, PRERONA project had to adapt and realign certain project activities to be able to support the local community. Through cash-for-work interventions, Nurul was enrolled by the project as a supervisor and got to work for 16-person days. This income proved to be good enough to last his family for months. The project feels thankful to be able to stand beside Nurul Kabir, a true fighter.

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