Attending regular sessions at Women and Girls Safe Spaces(WGSS)

23 June, 2020

Attending regular sessions at Women and Girls Safe Spaces(WGSS), helped improve Sayeda’s mental health significantly. She also felt safe because only females are allowed to come to WGSS. She enjoyed the dialogue sessions and recreational activities also.

Sayeda learnt how to sew at the WGSS. It helped that her little child was allowed to join her there, which eased her worry. Now she can sew various types of dresses and is very thankful to CARE Bangladesh for giving her this opportunity to learn how to sew and overcome her struggles and be of sound mind and health. Sayeda* is thinking of buying a sewing machine and to start her own tailoring business. She is immensely thankful to the counselor at WGSS who mentally supported her a lot. Sayeda is now happily looking forward to starting her own life, with her children. #WorldRefugeeDay

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