Parvin : Her success inspiring others

25 May, 2017
(Poschim Baimail Pukurpar)
This is Parvin. She started a different type of business in her community. She cooks food and arranges for lunch in her house. Few garments worker from nearby garments come to her house for lunch. Her customers pay on monthly basis. Each customer pay 2500 taka monthly for lunch.

She has been doing this business for 6-7 years. Her husband Anwar had no earning. He was careless about job. He was dependent on her wife’s income. Even their elder daughter started to earn by working at a garment factory. Parvin wished that her husband would start earning so that they can live a solvent life. However Anwar was not willing to work.
She had to struggle a lot to maintain her family. Parvin received a fund from BRUP project. She invested the money to expand her business. Now number her of customer increased. She makes a profit of 5000-6000 taka monthly. By this time her husband also inspired by her struggle and success. He began looking for job. Very recently, he got a job at TUSUKA garments.
Parvin’s Business have inspired some other women living at Poschim Baimail area. They have also started the same business what Parvin does.
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