Helping Bashir gain a little bit of independence

Helping Bashir gain a little bit of independence
24 August, 2020

Bashir Ahamed (17 years old) is visually impaired. He lives in block D-3 of camp 16. In the month of July, 2019, CARE Bangladesh constructed an accessible latrine near his house for him. This new latrine has lessened a lot of Bashir’s difficulties. Before, due to his disability, every time he needed to go to the latrine, he would have to ask his mother for assistance. It would make him feel like a burden, but that is no longer the case. “Previously, the latrine I had to use was 20 feet away from my house. I used to face a lot of difficulties then” said Bashir. Now he is very much happy to get this latrine, as he can go alone and use it without his mother’s support. This has also reduced some of his mother’s stress. The hand rails outside the latrine help Bashir identify which one is designated for him and the set up inside also allows him to wash his hands on his own, properly.  

Bashir said, “Many people of my community are not aware about the rights and capacity of a person with disability. I have to spent most of the time alone at home, I don’t have many friends that I can visit”.

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