Rumana Begum : Starting new business

25 May, 2017
(Poschim Baimail Pukurpar)
Rumana Begum is a widow. Her husband died 20 years ago. She lived with her daughter. She was dependent on her daughter who is a garments worker. She has been living in this slum for 7 years.
When she got fund from BRUP project, she started her lunch business. She prepares lunch and feed people for lunch in her house. Few garments worker from nearby garments come to her house for lunch.
Currently she has 4 customers. Her customers pay on monthly basis. She makes an average profit of 3000 taka monthly. She saves 500 taka per month. Her additional family income has reduced the burden of her daughter to maintain their living. However, Rumana Begum don’t need to pay house rent or other family expense. She just bears her own expense.She can expend her earning as she wishes.
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