Roshida found peace amidst chaos

Roshida found peace with support from CARE Bangladesh
25 November, 2020

Roshida, 52, fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh about two years ago. She lives at camp-13, in Balukhali, Rohingya refugee camp with her four daughters. She feels a little settled after having support for shelter and some support for living. Most importantly, she lives without fear of death, she said, ‘Life is better here, in a sense that there is no fear of fleeing every moment.” Although there many things she is concerned about, such as her daughters, as they are growing up and their future.  However, she feels relieved by talking to staffs in the counselling sections in the Women and Girls’ Safe Space (WGSS), conducted by CARE Bangladesh. She is glad that CARE is there for them, catering to their every basic needs.

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