Program Details


Health and Nutrition

At CARE, health is a fundamental human right, and a critical factor for reducing poverty, gender inequality and marginalization. CARE promotes a unique approach of Health System Strengthening (HSS) combining social and gender lens with evidence-driven interventions on Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH), Nutrition and HIV. CARE Bangladesh’s key drivers for the Health & Nutrition program are – i) innovation around health & nutrition, ii) market-based approach for local health service providers, iii) inclusive, resilient and strengthened health systems, and iv) multi-sectoral approach.

Guided by the universal health coverage principles, CARE works closely with the government for implementation of policy and strategy documents following national and international commitment such as SDG target, N4G commitments and more.

Key focus for Health & Nutrition program: 

  • Inclusive and Resilient Health System
  • Evidence-based Advocacy
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Program Quality & Integration and Digital solutions