Program Details


Women and Youth Empowerment

Placing women and youth at the center of CARE’s work is critical to tackle the root causes of poverty, inequity, rights violation, climate vulnerability amongst Bangladesh's rural and urban populations. The vision for CARE Bangladesh’s Women & Youth Empowerment program is to ensure that the most socially, economically, and politically marginalized women and youth are empowered - those who experience multiple denials of their rights. The aim is to build resilience of vulnerable communities to shocks and amplify their voices for influencing governance, public policy, and development practices. Serving the women and marginalized will not just transform their lives but will also unleash untapped potential.   

CARE Bangladesh’s approach for Women & Youth Empowerment program is rooted deeply in the past lessons of decades of work. This includes i) challenging harmful social norms, ii) capacity enhancing of local governance to provide gender-sensitive services, iii) creating safe market accesses and linkages, iv) creating bridge for digital literacy and v) engaging men and boys to create a safe space for women and girls to participate in different forums and activities.

Our focus for Women & Youth Empowerment program :  

  • Dignified life for women and girls by advocating for gender equality
  • Promoting women’s economic empowerment
  • Continue awareness for sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Youth empowerment and skill development
  • Preparing young children for the future