Promoting Disaster Ready Inclusive Preparedness towards Adaptation (PRODRIPTA/ প্রদৃপ্ত)

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Project Synopsis

CARE Bangladesh have been implementing the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies’ (MACP) “Promoting Disaster Ready Inclusive Preparedness towards Adaptation (PRODRIPTA/প্রদৃপ্ত).” This three-year program aims to foster inclusive community preparedness and resilience through the combination of disaster-ready communities and accountable institutions in the northern char district of Gaibandha and the central coast district of Patuakhali. Among these two disaster-prone districts, Patuakhali has been identified considering the frequent impact of tropical cyclones and severe vulnerability to rainstorms, flash floods and salinity. On the other hand, Gaibandha has been identified based on frequent impact of unpredicted floods, river erosion and erratic rainfall. In achieving its ultimate purpose, the program has been undertaken activities to enable the communities to adapt to shocks & stresses, make the DRR institutions accountable to local communities and provide financing for community actions, and support communities to sustain adaptive capacity through strengthened, locally led learning, networking and advocacy. Emphasizing concept of MACP’s ‘Disaster Ready Community’,  PRODRIPTA project has  already been taken several multi-branched approaches like Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (CVCA) with Community Adaptation Plan (CAP), strengthening and enabling improved and inclusive service delivery mechanism, climate resilient innovative, sustainable and green solutions mobilizing youth and volunteers groups for preparedness, institutionalize best practices and knowledge management and learnings.

Projects Coverage



Sub-district (Upazila)

# of unions

Name of union





Lalua and Mithaganj



Char Montaz and Chhota Baisdia





Belka and Konchibari

Gaibandha Sadar


Mollarchar and Kamarjani

Achievements and Milestones


3200 households are ensured sustainable climate adaptive solutions.

Ensured emergency response and recovery for 15000 people under disaster contingency fund.

Skill and capacity development of 1600 people (Youth, CPP, FPP) on disaster management and ensured financial inclusion of 600 vulnerable women.

Establishing accountable DRR service delivery mechanism at the local levels.

Cultivating Hope: Kulsum's Journey to Resilience and Success

Kulsum Begum, a 35-year-old woman from Mithaganj village, faced financial hardships due to her husband's meager income from agricultural labor. The village's vulnerability to frequent climatic shocks worsened their situation. In January 2022, the PRODRIPTA project, focused on disaster and climate resilience, was initiated in the village with the support of JAGO NARI and Care Bangladesh. Kulsum joined the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) group called Sonar Tori in early 2023, which encouraged her to save regularly. Inspired by VSLA discussions, she borrowed BDT 5000 in May 2023 to rear broiler chickens. After attending a training session organized by the project, Kulsum diligently cared for her chickens, leading to a successful sale and a profit of BDT 7,000. With this profit, Kulsum planned to expand her farm, support her children's education, and improve her family's well-being. The VSLA group and the PRODRIPTA project empowered her to transform her financial situation and offered hope for a better future. Filled with optimism, Kulsum expressed that the VSLA group meetings had opened her mind, and she believed she could now support her family without struggle. Her journey towards success became a symbol of resilience through strategic interventions and community support.