Solar powered water networking system inauguration at Camp#16

Solar powered water networking system inauguration at Camp#16
10 November, 2020

“Demand for pure drinking water is high in different locations of Camps. The water supply system established by CARE Bangladesh will meet the pure drinking water demand of block-C, Camp-16.” Said Camp-in-Charge Senior Assistant Secretary Mikon Tangchanggya in an inauguration program of water networking system in Camp-16, Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar.

CARE Bangladesh has installed solar powered pipe water networking system by drilling borehole in block-C, Camp-16. This system has 12KW solar power system generates electricity to run 7.5HP pump which extract 267 liters of water/minute. This HDPE pipe networking system has 40 tap stands with tank of 95,000 liters of water storage capacity. About 4,144 Rohingya refugees of the target block are covered under this water network system.  Daily 120,000 liters of water is extracting from borehole of 800ft deep aquifer and supplied to the community through auto chlorinated system. This residual chlorine decreases health risk/ water borne diseases while collect/storage water for drinking. For monsoon period 15KVA backup generator also installed to ensure continuous water supply to the communities.



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