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Women's Empowerment program


The most socially, economically and politically marginalized women are empowered. 'Most' is defined by multiple denials rights.


Are subjected to different forms of violence and abuse throughout their lives.

Are from marginalized rural and urban communities and subjected to discrimination and deprived of rights and opportunities at different levels

Are economically engaged in exploitative or unfair working conditions and disempowering working environments

Are adolencent girls denied access to choice or development opportunities and prone to child marriage

Are vulnerable to recuring natural disaster and environmental change and therefore carry multiple burdens

Are subject to politics and social marginalization due to issue of identify and stigma.

Extremely poor rural population program


Extremely poor people in rural area, especially those trapped in a set of unequal power relations, will sustainably overcome the barriers that prevent the fulfilment of their basic rights, and lift themselves out of poverty.


Have unmet basic food and health needs

Have unstable employement or work opportunities and face seasonal hunger

Are unstable to cope with shocks

Are living with multiple livelihood stresses, and are therefore dependent

Lack of access to financial services and markets.

Lack participation or representation in local development processes

Are in debt, have children who are forced to work, or who sell their labor in advance and are subjects to multiple and overlapping forms of deprivation and discriminition

Marginalized urban population program


In emerging, regional and district urban centers, the marginalized and poor will have access to security and wellbeing, as well as equitable social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Static populations, seasonal migrants and recent arrives, and the most marginalized who

Cannot meet
basic needs

Are powerless,
and disempowered

Are unable

Are unable
to build
and use assets

Face threats,
and shelter

Are most
marginalized or
execluded from

Are negatively
affected by
social customers
and laws

Are young and
female and are more
at risk due to

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