Public hearing event with MP

Public hearing event with MP
23 January, 2019

What would you say if you had the opportunity to directly ask your representative to the Parliament about an issue affecting you? “Doctors do not go to the Poschimpara Hospital during flooding. Tube wells become unusable. I want the Honorable MP to pay attention to the matter.” demanded Lipi Begum of Belgacha, Islampur, Jamalpur. Lipi Begum, a SHOUHARDO III participant, was talking to Mr. Faridul Haque, MP during a public hearing in Ghutail School and College on 23 January, 2019.

The public hearing event was organized by National Char Alliance, an advocacy platform comprised of over 50 organizations, working for char region’s development. CARE is one of the leading members of the advocacy platforms. In addition to the local MP, the event was attended by Mr. Walter Mwassa, Chief of Party, SHOUHARDO III, as a special guest, along with the UP Chairs, journalists and community people. The three hour event facilitated a lively discourse between the local people, including SHOUHARDO III participants and the local duty bearers. Mr. Faridul Haque, MP took the demands of people to his account and committed to Ms. Lipi and others, “I will coordinate among the 5 MPs in Jamalpur to take the doctor retention issue of Belghacha hospital, along other hospitals, to the Health Minister”. 

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