World Refugee Day 2022 - State of Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Anowar Sadeq
19 June, 2022



Anowar Sadeq of camp-16 has been in Bangladesh since 2017- almost 5 years. He said he has been treated well by Bangladesh when he arrived. He shared that he felt safe here in Bangladesh but he got scared when the massive fire broke out and the camps were affected by the fire. He added that he is happy here in Bangladesh but every day he wonders about when he would be able to return to his country. When asked what safety means to him, he replied- “Safety is not living in constant fear of being killed.”



A satisfied refugee, Lotifa, has been at camp-16 for nearly 5 years. She wants to thank the Bangladeshi people for providing shelter to her and fulfilling her basic needs. She shared that  people of Bangladesh were very helpful when she arrived. She is gratified by the treatment of Bangladesh as the host country is fulfilling her [other refugees’] basic needs. “We feel so safe here [Bangladesh] since we are provided with the necessary food and supplies and we are not threatened for our lives.” – Shared Lotifa.


Laila from camp 16 shared, after arriving here [in Bangladesh] in 2017, people helped them a lot. Provided shelter and food. In the camp, Bangladesh Government and NGOs gave bamboo and helped building them building tent. Then they gave us rice, lentils and vegetables. “Now they give us almost everything to survive.” – She added.

She also recollected the memory – “When we came here we were empty handed. We had nothing. Now we have roof over our heads, foods to eat, get medical attention when we’re sick. And I am more than satisfied with the treatment. I never thought I would get this much of support from Bangladesh.”

She also shared that in the beginning she didn’t feel very safe. Then she came to know about the Shantikhana [Women and Girls’ Safe Space] and started joining different sessions of CARE, where she got to know about Gender Based Violence. “Now I know about safety. I know how to keep safe. And where to go when feel unsafe.” – shared Laila. She also said that “Safety is a condition of being protected or a place where I can move easily and live without fear. Being in Bangladesh, I feel that."

“I have felt safe since coming to Bangladesh.” Says Somuda of Camp 12, who, like many other came in Bangladesh on August 2017. She shared she received psycho-social first aid, food and clothes, shelter and all kinds of basic needs.

She is very satisfied with the treatment she has been receiving from Bangladesh. They all get food and non food items, health service, legal support etc. and she’s very thankful to Bangladesh.

To her, safety means to be happy and stay safe from getting injured, any kind of violence. People of any gender staying safe from any kind of unexpected incident is safety.

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