Humans of Block B

Humans of Block B
06 March, 2018

In a series of camps hosting more than 900,000 people, the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar became the site of the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis since August last year. Over 680,000 refugees made the perilous journey from neighboring Rakhine State in Myanmar into Bangladesh in just six months. The concentration of refugees is now among the densest in the world. Out of those who fled, about 22,000 live in Potibonia, one of the many settlements that have formed in the past months and is managed by CARE. But what are the stories of the individuals?

This collection of photos and stories aims to highlight the stories of seven refugees and their families who fled from violence and sought safety in or around Block B of Potibonia camp. Although their stories are unique, the essence of their hardship, hopes and little victories applies to hundreds and thousands of others.

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