Our sacrifices on the Day of Sacrifice

Our sacrifices on the Day of Sacrifice
09 August, 2020

Eid-ul-Adha is the day of sacrifices for all Muslims, and Bangladeshi Muslims are no exception to that, as they try to partake in the rituals to the best of their abilities. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the level of celebration and merriment this year is unusually less due to people’s melancholic state and weak financial situation. Many have lost their kith and kin, while others are ailing or have lost their earning sources during the past months due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Bangladesh and socio-economic stagnation to a larger extent thereby. But, yet people celebrated this occasion as a part of their commitment to the Almighty.

Majority of the CARE Bangladesh Cox’s Bazaar staff members live here leaving their families back home and many of them have consciously decided to not to travel home in such difficult times. In spite of Eid-ul-Adha being a public holiday in Bangladesh, many CARE Cox’s Bazaar staff members were still on the ground on this very day. Many solvent people distributed meat amongst the Rohingya Refugees, in the camps. As there is no slaughterhouse in the Rohingya Camps, the action is being undertaken on open grounds, which may cause unhealthy environmental condition leading to public health hazards.

Our teams were on the ground since morning and working under the direction and coordination of the Camp-in-Charge of different camps. They visited slaughtering spots, prepared the ground by digging ditches, arranged proper disposal of blood and wastes under the soil and ensured disinfection of the ground by cleaning, applying dry lime and spraying disinfecting agents. Our Teams also assisted in the distribution of portions of the meat of the animal that had been sacrificed.

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