Working through a pandemic

Working through a pandemic
20 August, 2020

Joshim Uddin works as a Project Officer for the CARE-GSK CHWI Project. The nature of my work allows me to serve humanity during disasters by creating access to services that are needed most. Being involved in this kind of work is dignifying. “said Joshim. With the ongoing pandemic and current flood season, there is no shortage of challenges that need to be resolved, from scarcity of medicine and timely treatment to lack of safe water, food and treatment for pregnant women, respectively.

But that has only further motivated Joshim to work harder. His contributions include facilitating CARE-GSK CHWI to be the best initiative of the year from family planning department in Dharmapasha sub district under Sunamganj. As 90 % skilled health entrepreneurs (SHEs) have successfully continued their roles in providing family planning services during COVID-19 situation. Joshim also helped with resource mobilization, engaging local government like union parishads to increase access to maternal and child health services during this pandemic situation. As an outcome Upazilla Parisad of Dharmapasha has provided 100,000BDT from ADP for pregnant women and newborn babies for need based support.

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