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Village Protection Wall built by SHOUHARDO in the Haor region of Kishoreganj. Photo; Pintu Saha, Audio Visual Officer - SHOUHARDO II

"SHOUHARDO Program - Private Sector's Contribution to Sustainability", 1st prize winner of the global CARE Annual Photo Contest 2010, by Asif U Ahmed, Director, Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Unit

Milk collection trough group activities in Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain Project. Photo: Islam Arafat - Project Officer (L&D), SDVC Project.

Handlooms are their livelihood: Sustainable and inclusive business means a better tomorrow for the Rug workers at Rangpur. Photo: Faisal Khan.

"The Rist of Sangrampur", 3rd prize winner of the global CARE Annual photo contest 2010, by Akram Ali, Project Officer of SDVC Project.

Processing the corn grown as part of Income Generating Activities (IGA) in Tangail. Photo: Pintu Saha, Audio Visual Officer - SHOUHARDO II

An inspiring representation of women's increasing presence in the self-owned business world. Photo: Pintu Saha

'I have started my small business with the seed capital': FSUP-H provides training on income generating activities for women and help them develop small business plans. Photo: Rick Perrera

There are many ways to fight poverty. Isha Khatun of Doani does that through raising chickens. Photo: Pintu Saha

Shunita Rani, a beneficiary of SDVC Project, is counting her profit, made from her feed-selling business. SDVC works with 35,000 smallholder farmers in northwest Bangladesh to double their dairy-related incomes. Photo: Akram Ali

"Musthi Chal" - Savings Handful Rice everyday can make a difference when we do it together. Ultra poor Women of FSUP-H project in the Haor area of Bangladesh has demonstrated this difference. Photo: Robert Rebeiro

“Give us a chance...” : Gaining social legitimacy through sports. Photo: ITSPLEY.

A natural leader representing the poorest is raising issues during Gram Shava (Village Assembly) at Ramnagar, Nilophamari; a space to ensure civic engagement in the Local Govt. decision making process. Photo: Aynul Hoque Pramanik ,SETU Project

Md. Mamunur Rashid, a role model from Nafanagar village, Dinajpur is giving speech during '16 days of activism'. Photo: Hasna Banu - PDO, COVAW Project.

Cost of Violence Against Women (COVAW) Forum Theatre in Tangail, community awareness on resisting Violence Against Women (VAW). Photo: Marium ul Muntahara, L&D Manager - COVAW

An artisan from NCVI - a worker's and artisans owned social enterprise, sewing intricate designs on a scarf in Rangpur, for the Social Economic Transformation of the Ultra Poor (SETU) project. Photo: Ian Taylor

Cultural events of EKATA for Food security for the Ultra-Poor in the Haor region (FSUP-H) in Netrokona, Photo by Chandan Rebeiro

Doulotunnesa, a milk collector of Mahmuder Para Milk Producing and Marketing group, is collecting milk from the group. Photo: Akram Ali

An adolescent girl of Kandu para EKATA group, Rangpur is indicating her expectation during the setting of vision of EKATA to get more education through pictorial expression of Ashar Gach (Tree of Expectation). Photo: Rawshan Rahman

UK Parliament Member Rushanara Ali visits FSUP-H project sites in Kishoreganj. Photo: FSUP-H Project.

SHOUHARDO II beneficiary maintaining her Homestead Garden using skills received from the project. Photo: Pintu Saha - SHOUHARDO II.

Expressions of joy due to the great success of pumpkin cultivation in the barren, unfertile land known as the sandbar. An example of a climate change adaptation measure and economic development opportunity. Photo: Camellya Hasan - PRODUCE Project

Strengthening Poorest and Vulnerable Households Capability to Improve Food Security in Northwest Bangladesh (SHIFT) beneficiary prepares organic feed with her family. Photo: Md. Atikuzzaman, Technical Coordinator, SHIFT

Social Mapping, PRA exercise for SHOUHARDO II Beneficiaries selection - Chilmari Tari, Rangpur. Photo: Pintu Saha, Audio Visual Officer - SHOUHARDO II

Sumitra holds out a radish grown using funds from her community savings group. Using their savings the women are growing vegetables collectively and improving their family's diet. Photo: Richard Sloman

The Village Development Committee (VDC) meeting is one of the key features of SHOUHARDO, which has been replicated in other projects. Photo: Pintu Saha

Children in the ECCD centre used to build them as future leaders on the path of empowerment. Photo: SHOUHARDO II.

Garments workers being taught how to read by a facilitator at the WHEEL learning Center. Photo: Shukdeb Roy - Project Officer, WHEEL Project

Religious leader raising awareness about safe motherhood for the Safe Motherhood Promotional Project (SMPP). Photo: CARE Bangladesh

Community Health Volunteer (CHV) conducting Birth planning (BP) session at PW’s home with her other family members

Women discussing maternal health issues within the CmSS model in the Safe Motherhood Promotion Project. Photo: Soman Moodley - Policy and Advocacy Officer, Program Quality Unit.

Food distribution to Pregnant & Lactating Mothers in Tangail; Photo by Pintu Saha, Audio Visual Officer, SHOUHARDO Program

For a mother, no joy is greater than the joy of having a happy and healthy child. Photo: Pintu Saha

Providing household counseling on maternal nutrition, infant and young child feeding, hygiene and care practices is core of the MYCNSI project. Photo: MYCNSI project

An Open Budget Meeting organized by the Damodorpur Union Parishad under Sadullapur upazilla, Gaibandha district. Photo: Md. Sarwar, TC-L&M, EU-Local Governance Project.

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

Floods in Bangladesh: Crisis in South East and North East

CARE Bangladesh distributes food rations to people affected by floods. Photo: CARE

CARE Bangladesh distributes cash money to people affected by floods. Photo: CARE

CARE Bangladesh distributes food rations to disable people affected by floods. Photo: CARE

When disaster strike, many are left homeless. CARE's initiative to build disaster resilient sustainable shelters for the affected families by flood and prolonged water-logging in South West Bangladesh. Photo: Shahidul Islam Khan

Myanmar refugee emergency response 2017: Refugees from Myanmar arrive in Bangladesh

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