27 July, 2017
Engagement with local govt empowers people: Experts

Citizen engagement with local government institutions has significantly increased the proactive disclosure of information, strengthening people's ability to hold union parishads accountable in their activities, such as in project implementation, annual plan and budget drafting, said policymakers and experts yesterday.Read more

16 May, 2017
Women's Economic Empowerment

Bangladesh has witnessed steady economic growth over the last decade and is gradually moving towards middle income status. Discourses on economic growth recognizes the need for women's participation. However, there is a need to examine whether women in true sense are achieving economic empowerment, and what women belonging to different sections of society expect from this growth. With a view to...Read more

02 May, 2017
‘CARE wants to stay relevant in Bangladesh’

Michelle Nunn took over the reins of CARE USA in 2015. Founder of an NGO Hand on Atlanta, which later became Points of Light, Michelle had seen her small initiative grow into an operation that currently operates in dozens of countries across the world. The 50-year old mother of two graduated from University of Virginia in History and later went to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard....Read more

24 April, 2017
হাওরাঞ্চলে ফসলহানি অর্থনীতির বড় ক্ষতি

হাওরাঞ্চলে ফসলহানি অর্থনীতির বড় ক্ষতিRead more

19 April, 2017
GSK-CARE move for maternal, child health development

Pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and non-government organisation CARE Bangladesh has trained up 300 people of Sunamganj to bring significant improvement on maternal and child health issues in the district. The two organisations at a programme in Dhaka on Tuesday revealed the information on the results, success and learning of their health campaign styled CARE-GSK Community Health...Read more

22 March, 2017
বিনিয়োগের সুবিধা গরিবের কাছে পৌঁছানো জরুরি

পরিবেশ ও সমাজের সামগ্রিক উন্নয়ন ছাড়া অর্থনৈতিক উন্নয়ন টেকসই হয় না। বিষয়টি বিবেচনায় নিয়ে সরকার এবং বেসরকারি উদ্যোক্তাদের এগিয়ে আসতে হবে। সার্বিকভাবে...Read more

22 March, 2017
দেশে ১০ কোটি ডলারের ইমপ্যাক্ট ফান্ড গঠনের উদ্যোগ

দেশে ১০ কোটি ডলারের ইমপ্যাক্ট ফান্ড গঠনের উদ্যোগRead more

17 March, 2017
Women lack access to financial services: study

Women contribute 26 percent to bank deposits but they get only 2 percent as credit out of total outstanding loans, according to a study launched yesterday. Despite better use of loans than men, women entrepreneurs face a lack of access to formal finance because of high transaction costs, asymmetric information, dearth of collateral and personal guarantee, and cumbersome documentation for loan...Read more

11 March, 2017
Cleaning up Bangladesh’s Slums:Behind a community-led initiative for waste management

“People avoid slums; service providers are reluctant to offer services here as these particular areas of big metropolitan cities are usually dirty, filthy with waste, and stagnant with polluted water,” said Rezia Begum, a dweller of Pukurpar community in Konabari, Gazipur. “We, the slum dwellers and our children, also suffer from various health hazards and waterborne skin diseases.”Read more

12 February, 2017
Love for work brings honour for Dinajpur artisan

For most, a quilt is a symbol of tradition, passed down from generation to generation marking important life events, while many use it as bedding or decoration. But, for Sona Rani Roy a quilt was always more than that.Read more

10 February, 2017
Social Cohesion During Disasters

“No matter how little they helped, whatever we get in such disasters appears to be a big support for us,” said Fatema. She was talking about the emergency food support that she had received from the members of the community after the devastating fire hazard at Tetultala Slum, Tongi. Read more

17 January, 2017
Scrap law on girls' marriage before 18

Speakers at a views-exchange meeting yesterday requested the prime minister to scrap the special provision which allows marriageable age for females before 18 under the proposed Child Marriage Prevention Act-2016. If the government include the provision, it will be misused and the number of child marriage will increase a lot across the country, especially in the rural, char and slum areas,...Read more

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