About Us

Why we focus on

Women and girls are the agents of change. They hone the power to elevate poverty cycle and lead lasting change. Globally and nationally, CARE works to empower women by protecting them from injustices and exploitation, and ensuring their rights to choose and opportunity. CARE’s focus on women and girls is based on the premise that providing education and creating enabling environment transforms everyone’s lives which reflects in national economic growth.


Vision 2030

CARE’s shared vision for the future

CARE’s vision is about the change we want to see in the world. This vision serves as a guiding light for all entities in CARE to work collectively as we strive for a world where all people live in dignity and security. Thousands of CARE staff and stakeholders around the world contribute following rigorous processes by remaining true to CARE’s principles of diversity and outlined the idea and inspiration of what we want to jointly achieve. This is a vision, outlining our collective ambitions, and not a strategy. The components consist of the main ambitions of the impact we would like to see, the organizational identity we need to embrace and the resource considerations required to accomplish this vision. The three areas ‘impact’, ‘organization’ and ‘resources’, are interdependent elements that will lead us to our goal. We found ourselves in the global COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of the process for Vision 2030, but our work has now become more relevant than ever. The legacy of the CARE package is enriched by years of evidence-based approaches on humanitarian aid, development and social justice. CARE Vision 2030 builds on this learning and consequently, we have put gender in the center. Through a set of agreed goals based on SDGs, employing a theory of change derived from our years of experience, and proper utilization of resources, we will systematically move towards the fulfilling the vision collectively.


CARE, one of the world’s largest international humanitarian organizations started its journey in 1945. CARE continues to fight global poverty and marginalization by working in 100+ countries.

CARE has been active in today’s Bangladesh since 1949. With over seven decades of experiences in humanitarian aid, the CARE in Bangladesh presently focuses on sectors such as women and girls’ empowerment, extreme rural poverty, health and nutrition, and humanitarian and resilience.

Through partnership with the Govt. of Bangladesh, UN, international and national non-govt. organizations, private sectors and social enterprises, CARE’s rights-based programming is transforming the lives and livelihoods of millions across the country.

With a history of innovation, excellence, teamwork and genuine commitment to the communities, CARE Bangladesh has created a strong operational presence nationwide. Combining the concepts and strategies of CARE International and the expertise of national employees, CARE Bangladesh has become one of the largest country offices globally. Working with the community and focusing on the management of multi-partnership contract alongside project with its donors, CARE Bangladesh is uplifting the quality of life in the rural and urban areas.

In FY23, CARE in Bangladesh reached out to 5.3 million people directly where 64% were female. Through 37 projects, in both Humanitarian and Development themes; CARE was able to secure Rights to Food, Water and Nutrition to over 3.28 million people, served over 1.53 million people with humanitarian response, and reached over 1.65 million people to ensure their Right to Health, along with other sectoral interventions.

Through extensive adaptive innovation in COVID Response; CARE Bangladesh has directly reached 3.95 million people with COVID-19 support.

Our partners & donors

Our partnerships are one of our key approaches and an essential part of how we achieve success. Our work with local NGOs and civil society ensures that we have access to the best knowledge and understanding of each community and its context, and can work in ways that are relevant and practical.